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About Us

The International Foundation for the Development of Adult Education was registered on 27 March 2023 in Warsaw, Poland.

The statutory objectives of the Foundation include activities for and in the field of:

1) the educational support of adults, including the promotion of lifelong learning;

2) undertaking educational and research initiatives

3) providing assistance to foreigners living in Poland, in particular educational and educational assistance;

4) integrating foreigners living in Poland;

5) to broaden public awareness in the field of education, education, self-development and science;

6) to organise and support activities and initiatives of an educational, entertainment, educational and cultural nature;

7) to support the projects of other non-governmental organisations aimed at helping foreigners in Poland, in their countries of origin and throughout the world, in particular organisations whose aims are the same or similar to those of the Foundation’s statutory objectives;

8) counteracting attitudes of intolerance, xenophobia and racism;

9) to support activities promoting European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies

10) to support activities supporting the development of local communities and societies; 10) to support activities supporting the development of local communities and societies;

11) to strengthen the values of freedom and justice in society as civic-minded attitudes;

12) building civil society, international cooperation and solidarity, improving the quality of life in the local community, raising civic awareness and level of civic knowledge;

13) activities for the development of civil society in Poland, Belarus and other countries, as well as independent media and local initiatives.

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